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New Refill Station Opened In Strabane, Northern Ireland

Posted by George Galbraith

We at DEW Products are proud to announce, that we have opened our very first Refill Station in Northern Ireland.
The Today's Choice will see a refill station being setup to refill our various DEW products. There is so much being done around plastic reduction and we kept seeing refill stations popping up across Scotland and England but nothing here.
The store,which also serves as the local Post Office, is lovely as its been a place of connection for the community, hopes to get residents and visitors in through the doors exploring more ways they can reduce their plastic use by bringing their bottles to refill.
Customers will be able to bring the container, which they had previously purchased from the online store, and refill it using tokens that can also be purchased from the DEW Products website, making the trip a more cost-effective way of shopping.
For more information about how to visit the Today's Choice store or to become a refill station yourself, please visit our Refill Station Page by clicking here.

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