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Waste Management Topic Support Network

Posted by George Galbraith

Date: 30 October 2019 10:30 - 13:00 Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University
The EAUC-Scotland Waste Management Topic Support Network (TSN) will be meeting to discuss current opportunities and challenges in the FHE Waste Management community and hear some best practice projects. 
The agenda is available to download from the bottom of this page.  Topics include:
Deposit Return Scheme (Louisa Coursey, Zero Waste Scotland)
Changing Student Behaviours to Prevent Food Waste (Cat Acheson)
ReMade Network (Sophie Unwin, Founder & Director)
UniGreenScheme (Nenad Denkov, Scotland Business Manager)
Washr (Lesley Thomson, CEO)
Eco & Refillable Cleaning Products (Erik Smyth, CEO)
Please contact if you have any questions or require assistance booking your place.

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