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The Scottish Government has declared a climate emergency and has committed to a net zero carbon society by 2045 (gov.scot). In 2019, Dundee City Council also declared a climate emergency, recognising the serious and accelerating environmental, social and economic challenges faced by climate changes.

ACT NOW to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce plastic waste, the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. DEW Products is offering you a free, 2 week, no obligation trial of its refillable cleaning and disinfection products,  saving a minimum of 30Kgs of carbon, per household, per year


DEW cleaning products are pioneering a new door 2 door refill service in a bid to deliver carbon reduction to Dundee resident's homes. Did you know that by refilling a DEW 500ml trigger spray, you save over 400g of carbon. Swapping your traditional cleaning products with the DEW range of refillable 'Electrolysed Water' cleaning products will save on average 10 Kgs of carbon every 3 - 4 months per household.

If 20% of homes in Dundee switched to the DEW refill service, the minimum carbon saying would be 80 tonnes per year. That's the equivalent carbon footprint of 30 round trip flights from Dundee to LA.


STEP 1: Call us on 01382 293436 or register using the form below and make a £20 fully refundable deposit.
STEP 2: We deliver a 'Sample Pack' which includes 1 x DEW Air, 1 x DEW Disinfect, 1 x DEW Superclean, 1 x DEW Hand Sanitiser & 1 x DEW Foam.
STEP 3: Try them for free for 2 weeks.
STEP 4: We will collect any empty bottles or products that you don't need and refund your £20 deposit.

When you are running low choose from the refill options below and simply order online or call us on 01382 293436 to arrange a free door 2 door delivery.


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