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DEW Products Profile By Circular Tayside

Ecoanolytes, a Dundee based firm has recently brought to the market a fantastic cleaning/disinfecting products. It can be used for almost every disinfection and sanitisation application across almost every industry because of its ability to kill all microorganisms indiscriminately, yet not present a danger to humans, animals, plants or the environment.

DEW can be safely applied to food products, equipment and facilities. It doesn’t require rinsing and leaves no residue. It is also certified for adding to potable water (drinking water) as being ‘fit for human consumption’.

The product has gone through clinical trials with hospitals and academic institutions, and is now trialling the product as a space sanitizer in local schools.

Aside from offering an extremely environmentally friendly disinfectant in the market, Ecoanolytes are also very passionate about circular economy. They have designed their product with “refill and reuse” ideas in mind. They use refillable containers that can be refilled in schools, zero waste shops, community centres and any place that has a refill station. The price for a refill is extremely low, offering their customers fantastic value-for-money and the planet a breather from single use cleaning bottles. This is a great example of a circular economy business model, that benefits both the business and the environment.