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5L Refill & 185ml Air Super Fine Mist Atomiser

5L Refill & 185ml Air Super Fine Mist Atomiser

£20.99 Regular Price
£18.49Sale Price


Welcome to a new kind of AIR purifier, powered by electrolysed water, safer for you. kind to your skin and kinder to the environment. All our products are hypoallergenic and, when used as directed, are not dangerous if inhaled.


  • 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores

  • Powerful AIR disinfectant and deodoriser

  • FREE FROM alcohol, aldehydes, parabens, dyes and scents

  • This product is 100% Eco Friendly, 100% Mineral, Vegan, Non Toxic & Made in Britain

  • Hypoallergenic, is non-irritant and non-staining

  • pH neutral, kind to your skin

  • Rapid disinfection and deodorisation

  • Suitable for food preparation areas

  • Will not endanger pets or plants

  • Excellent when used in your car

Supplied in a Fine Mist Atomiser Trigger Spray

No Aerosol Propellants

Hand Trigger-Use-Action Produces the Spray