• The DEW Superclean is a Powerful cleaner/degreaser suitable for all domestic applications, including your car and home, and in tests is more effective than ordinary household cleaner/degreasers
  • The Dew Superclean Does NOT contain any harsh chemicals, is very effective against all forms of grease and dirt and is 100% Biodegradable.
  • DEW Superclean is quick acting, free of solvents, dyes and scents and is therefore perfect for all cleaning requirements.
  • DEW Superclean is Perfect for Stainless Steel, Glass and Ceramics due to it's non streak formula.
  • DEW Superclean is brilliant for the family home as it is both Non-toxic and skin friendly and also kills 99% of bacteria

DEW Superclean 500ml x 12

    • Powerful Cleaner/Degreaser
    • 100% Bio-degradeable
    • Kills 99% of Bacteria
    • Stainless Steel, Glass, Worktops, Car Wheels, Engine etc.
    • Non-Streaking
    • Kind to your Skin
    • Multi-Pack Saves Money

DEW Products Are Part Of Ecoanolytes Family