Desk/Vehicle IR Misting Machine c/w Mist 2.5L



The IR Misting Machine can be used personally or in your vehicle.  Ideal for use on the move due to it being rechargeable via USB lead provided.  By your office desk or in your vehicle, this Mister when used with Dew Mist, disperses a completely harmless Mist which Sanitises the surrounding air that you breathe.  Perfect for desks, cars, vans, taxis and vehicle fleets.  The Mister comes with a 2.5L Dew Mist Refill.  All our products are eco-friendly, natural, hypoallergenic; food, child and pet safe.

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This IR Misting machine utilises Ultrasonic technology, which generates visible small particles of mist that are carried in the air around small areas like a personal desk or inside a vehicle. 

It is also easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. 

The on/off switch has two operating positions Auto (continuous operation) and Induction (activated by covering an IR sensor on the top of the unit).  Always empty the Misting Machine if not being used for any periods of days, periodically operate the unit with tap water only, to flush and keep the unit clean.   

The unit has an internal wick that requires to be rinsed under tap water periodically to prevent clogging.  The wick is housed in a clear plastic tube which is a push fit, simply pull to remove.  Six spare wicks are supplied with the unit.

Charging Time - approx. 2.5 hours, Tank Capacity - 150ml, Consumption approx. 30-40 ml/hour, Mist visible distance from unit - approx 12cm

Store the Dew Mist at room temperature in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight. Best used within 6 months of opening. For external use only, do not consume. Keep out of reach of children. If product gets into eyes, wash thoroughly with water.  If irritation occurs, get medical advice/attention. Use biocides safely.

The Desk/Vehicle IR Misting Machine is refilled from our Mist Refills. 

Switch off unit and remove cover with a slight anti-clockwise twist and lift action.  Refill the unit (holds 150ml) and replace the cover. ,

< 99.89% water, < 0.1% salt, < 0.01% F.A.C. Active Ingredient Hypochlorous Acid.