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Join a growing community of individuals and organisations who are leading the way to cut back on single-use plastics and have a Refill Station in your local area.

DEW Refill Station Setup.jpg

Instantly recognisable as part of DEW Product's brand. We’ll provide you with the refill station equipment for both the Disinfect and Superclean, as well as a Refill Station poster which can be displayed in your premises.

DEW Refill Station Merchandise.jpg

If you are interested in becoming a DEW Refill Station, we offer packages to suit all your needs. If you have the space we can provide you with a Product Merchandise stand that can be used to display the various products in your premises.

The Point Of Sale Literature.jpg

We have created point of sale leaflets which includes answers to some frequently asked questions and posters to help you promote our products to potential customers. A RRP price list is also available for your display. 

We Have Gone Green A4 Poster.jpg

This is a great way to highlight that you have gone green and are using DEW products to clean and disinfect your premises.

Welcome to the

DEW Refill 

Stations Area

If you are interested in becoming a DEW Refill Station in your local community. Please feel free to get in touch by using the contact form and include any questions that you may have at this stage.
If you would like to know what a refill station or a Product Merchandise stand can look like in your premises then please click on this link to see them is use by various orginisations, who have already signed up with us.