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Refill Goes Nationwide

Updated: Feb 3

Plastic pollution is a global issue and requires a global solution, but unless we start at the local level we can not make a change. To help us contribute to the Refill Movement, we are searching for local delivery partners.

Become A Representative In Your Local Area

Will you share our commitment to reduce the amount of plastic that pollutes the oceans? If so, can you help us to spread the Refill message in your community.

We are looking around the country for Delivery Partners to sell our wonderful product in their local communities. If you wish to join us and help start Refill in your place, please contact us.

Reasons To Introduce DEW Products In Your Area

We are searching nationwide for Distribution Partners to carry DEW Products even further. If you are part of a similar-minded community-based national organisation with life-changing project experience, you may be able to help launch DEW Products in your community.


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