ULV Fogging Machine Cordless & Mist 5L x 4 Refills



Includes Mist 5L x 4 Refills

Using the latest in battery technology, the DC20 ULV fogger has been specially designed to produce up to 40 minutes of continuous fogging time with only 3 hours of charge time as standard. Features include a 2L tank, advanced 12V DC motor from LG electronics, two speed control and an adjustable nozzle producing droplet sizes between 5-30 microns. Thanks to its compact design, this fogger is ideal for spraying in smaller spaces including domestic properties as well as food preparation areas, car valets and offices. In addition, the power can be halved reducing noise levels, which is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

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Save money and help prevent plastic pollution at the source. All our products are refillable. The Dew ULV Fogging Machine Cordless is refilled using our Mist 5L product. Use straight from the container. Simply fill with the required amount of Dew Mist, replace the filler cap and switch on the device

< 99.89% water, < 0.1% salt, < 0.01% F.A.C. Active Ingredient Hypochlorous Acid.